Hello. My name is Jaka Kovačič, DIT (digital imaging technician) from Slovenia, working on TV commercials home and abroad for mayor clients and brand names.

My skills are: On-Set Color Correction, Data Manager(Wrangler), Prep Technician for Film, Series.

Equipment Experience: Arri Alexa (SXT, XT, Mini, Amira), Red (Epic, Dragon), Canon (5D, 7D, …), Sony F-Series, Panasonic, …

Software knowledge: Pomfrot (Silverstack, LiveGrade), R3D Data Manager, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Compressor, DaVinci Resolve, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom

Misc Skills: I am also a film editor (documentary films and motion picture). I have extensive knowledge on video and audio connections, I also have knowledge on Apple Mac Systems.